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"Educating the mind without educating the heart
is no education at all."



The Classical Model of Education

One of the hallmarks of classical education is a rich and engaging curriculum in which all subjects are seamlessly woven together.

Intentional Design

The chronological study of history serves as a framework for understanding the great thinkers, events, and ideas that have shaped our world. Grammar, phonics, and handwriting are systematically taught to ensure mastery of the fundamental tools of writing. Classic works of literature give opportunities to read closely with comprehension and engagement.

Each element of the curriculum is intentionally chosen in order to help students recognize the interconnectedness of ideas and find their place in the great conversation.

A True Liberal Arts Education
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Through a comprehensive and chronological study of history, students come to understand the historical significance, impact, and chronological position of influential people and watershed events from creation to present. 


Beyond the Classroom

We are blessed to call the city of Vero Beach our classroom, with several cultural locations on our doorstep. As part of a holistic education, field trips at every grade level allow us to provide our students with hands-on experiences that support and enhance a robust and rich curriculum.

Proven Methods

Our teachers use time-tested methods that work with the grain of a child’s development, including songs and movement, guided discovery, round-table discussions, and Socratic questioning.


Grade-Specific Field Trips -
Details to Follow





3rd Grade

3rd Grade


1st Grade

1st Grade


4th Grade

4th Grade


2nd Grade

2nd Grade

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