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Rhetoric (Grades 9-12) - FUTURE

Cultivating Passionate and Virtuous Scholars

The Rhetoric School

The classical model of education culminates with the Rhetoric School. Vero Classical is preparing to extend our schooling to include this crucial stage of development and education, equipping students for a purposeful life with God, humanity, and the world.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Tools for Life

Students are actively instructed in the tools of learning and critical thinking. These tools enable students to begin to form their own ideas and arguments about the world and to articulate them persuasively and eloquently through discussion, Socratic dialogue, formal debate, and collaboration.


Interconnected Ideas

Students are taught to properly honor the contribution of every academic discipline by viewing it through the person of Christ. 

They come to understand each of their individual topics of study as interconnected within the grand story of human thought.

Reviewing Essay

Rigor with Purpose

A Vero Classical education presents students with the most masterful and influential creations of human thought: great works of art and literature, great ideas of science and philosophy, great movements of history and culture.

Actively engaging this greatness is, by nature, challenging, but a rigorous curriculum is not an end unto itself. Students are invited to take their places as thinkers and creators in the human cultural tradition.

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