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Students will wear khaki and navy shorts and skorts with white, light blue, or navy polos with the school logo. 

Uniforms are available for purchase at School Uniforms of Vero Beach and Dave's Sporting Goods, however, light blue will only be available at School Uniforms.

Jackets and sweatshirts embroidered with the school logo are preferred and encouraged but not required.  We want to be as uniform as possible, but if students do not purchase uniform jackets and sweatshirts, garments brought from home should be solid black, or navy without any brand names.

Students will also be required to wear (or bring) tennis shoes daily for PE.  Athletic t-shirt style VCS shirts are available for purchase at School Uniforms of Vero Beach.  These shirts will be worn on dress down days, field trips, and field days throughout the year.  

A student's hair should be natural in color.  Boys' hair should but cut above the collar of their shirt, should not cover their ears, and should be out of their eyes.  

Further details regarding school uniform can be found in the student handbook upon enrollment. 

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