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Grammar (Grades K-5)

Building A Solid Foundation

The Grammar School

In the Grammar School stage, students develop a broad knowledge base in every subject area, giving them a deep well from which to draw in later years.


A Focus On Fundamentals

The curriculum of the Grammar School is intentionally designed to encourage mastery of fundamental skills.


Direct and systematic instruction in phonics, grammar, cursive writing, vocabulary, and spelling builds a firm foundation for writing well. Math taught conceptually establishes a deep understanding of the logic behind the process. Purposeful training in reading closely and making connections between big ideas equips students to approach any new topic with confidence.

The Joy of Discovery

Young children are naturally inquisitive and eager to explore the world around them. Hands-on activities and guided discovery encourage curiosity, creativity, and joy in the learning process.


Make Haste Slowly

A Vero Classical education values choosing the best over trying to do it all. Time is given to delve deeply into important ideas, allowing students to develop a strong understanding and sincere appreciation for what they are learning.

Why Latin?

Our students begin the formal study of Latin in third grade. Studying the Latin language provides an excellent foundation for understanding the roots of English vocabulary and subsequently studying other Romance languages. It also systematically trains the mind to think in an orderly fashion, to perform rigorous analysis, and encounter unfamiliar material in a disciplined way.

Assortment of Books
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