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Logic (Grades 6-8) - FUTURE

Empowering Critical Analysis

The Logic School

Classical methods empower students to express their ideas in a way that is logical, thoughtful, and respectful. Students learn to discern for themselves what is true, good, and beautiful.

Biology Class

A Place to Learn

The Socratic method of teaching centers on asking intriguing questions that require students to think critically, confront misconceptions, and make authentic connections between big ideas. This method of discussion is utilized across the curriculum, from math to history, science to literature.

A Place to Stand

Formal logic classes undergird a focus on sound analysis, helping students to organize ideas, express themselves well, and listen to different perspectives with humility and respect.

Art Class

A Place to Grow

Our Logic School program offers electives that enhance the core curriculum and encourage students to develop their unique gifts. We will offer a variety of electives.

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