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A Rich, Engaging Curriculum

Holding Plant

An In-Depth Look

One of the hallmarks of classical education is a rich and engaging curriculum in which all subjects are seamlessly woven together. Each element of the curriculum is intentionally chosen in order to help students recognize the interconnectedness of ideas and find their place in the great conversation.

Through the sequential study of God’s Word, students develop an understanding of the overarching metanarrative of Scripture, basic theological concepts and major biblical themes, the attributes and characteristics of God, and the plan of salvation.

Kindergarten: Leading Little Ones to God

1st Grade: Genesis-Ruth
2nd Grade: I Samuel-Malachi
3rd Grade: Gospels
4th Grade: Acts and Paul’s Letters
5th Grade: General Epistles and John’s Writings

6th Grade: Old Testament Survey I

7th Grade: Old Testament Survey II

8th Grade: New Testament Survey

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